For those of you who are fan of Syndicate project i would like to say stop reading further . tom cassell aka syndicate project and few of his buddies are found involved in biggest video gaming

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  • All 2016 video games – Top 51 Video games and their trailers .

    We have managed to gather 51 video games and their trailers . These 51 games either in market now or coming Soon. But people are mainly waiting for battlefield 1 and call of duty infinite

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  • Black ops 3 ZOmbies “ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA”

    Call of duty black ops 3 new zombie map zetsubou no shima is a fun to play . However you got to be very experience zombie player to get to a stage . ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA . THere are few wonder

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  • FarCry Primal

    Amazing Far cry Open world experience . Trailer looks amazing but animal fur etc needs more attention to it . Gameplay footage looks amazing

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  • Call of duty Black Ops 3 Release Date and info

    Treyarch announced call of duty black ops 3 and again its based in future with advance weapons what is difference between treyarch and activation versions of call of duty ? well answer to that

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xBox One

e3 2015 announcements for xbox One

If you have miss e3 2015 live streaming then not to worry. You can watch it again on youtube but within too many announcements you might forget what big names or what top games will going to be

PlayStation 4

Sony revealed Ps4 pro release date and price in uk

sony officially announced ps4 release and uk price . PlayStation pro will be available up for sale on November 10 for 359.99 nearly 399$. will be sharing further information on our YouTube channel


Nintendo DS

Wii & Wii U