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‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Release Date, News & Update: Rockstar Games

Take Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zeinick announced that read dead redemption 2 will be released in fall 2017 and it will incredible .

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For those of you who are fan of Syndicate project i would like to say stop reading further . tom cassell aka syndicate project and few of his buddies are found involved in biggest video gaming

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All 2016 video games – Top 51 Video games and their trailers .

We have managed to gather 51 video games and their trailers . These 51 games either in market now or coming Soon. But people are mainly waiting for battlefield 1 and call of duty infinite

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Black ops 3 ZOmbies “ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA”

Call of duty black ops 3 new zombie map zetsubou no shima is a fun to play . However you got to be very experience zombie player to get to a stage . ZETSUBOU NO SHIMA . THere are few wonder

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FarCry Primal

Amazing Far cry Open world experience . Trailer looks amazing but animal fur etc needs more attention to it . Gameplay footage looks amazing

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