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The legend of zelda wii u

Nintendo has promised the unnamed upcoming video game “The Legend of Zelda” for Wii U to be revolutionary, but why? A promised gem among the dying platform, a resolution, and its the

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Mario Kart 8 Wii u

Fan of Mario Kart Then new mario kart 8 wii u is here to buy and to enjoy . Well mario kart lovers are going to buy the game anyways . There are is a lot of  fun in new mario kart 8 . New

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Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth

After the success of marvel avengers on the big screen here comes the marvel avengers battle for earth for wii u . Its been released for xbox kinect before Christmas time but luckily its

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Super Mario Bros : Wii U

Mushrooms , fireballs, pipes as long as mario is concerned its all familiar . But here comes the new mario bros on wii U. Wii U is brining a new dimension to nintendo`s AAA rated franchise.

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Zombi U for Wii U

Zombi U is exclusively for wii u . well havnot had a chance to play zombie u as right now we are a bit busy with battlefield 3 ?and other youtube projects for gamezblog.net . But from reviews of

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