well there are 100s of angry bird guides. But here are the few i have found online are the best ever angry birds guide. This Rovio`s bird catapulting physics puzzler broken many records then any best selling iphone app of all time .
We decided to throw together this Angry Birds walkthrough guide. which will cover everything from basic tips to secret goodies, to help you get the most out of Angry Birds.


Angry Birds depicts the life-long struggle of bird-versus-pig, and its your job to catapult these kamikaze birds into the pig’s towers, knocking down their houses and defeating the green swines inside.

High score

Simply killing all the birds will unlock the next level, but if you want to get the maximum three stars on each stage, you’ll need to aim for some high scores.

The key to getting a high score in Angry Birds is a mixture of deadly efficiency (unused birds net you an automatic 10,000 points each) and unrelenting damage (smashed objects give off small, but quickly accumulated points).

You’ll often need to use both strategies at once, though: simply using a very small number of birds might not get all three stars if you didn’t make much damage.

Get physical

The iPhone packs a powerful processor that’s more than capable of pumping out a pretty convincing simulation of physics. That means that offsetting balance and attacking weak points is always a more effective strategy than blindly firing at the main reinforced walls.

Plus, some materials are sturdier than others. It’s no use fruitlessly bashing away at a stone wall (especially because it takes about three direct hits to finally smash one) when you could focus on the easily destructible wooden platform that’s holding it up.

Assorted tips

Pinch and zoom to see the entire battlefield on one screen, so you can quickly see how far away your catapult is from the pig’s base.

Every bird leaves a trail of dust behind, meaning you can replicate (or slightly deviate from) previous throws without the tedious guesswork.

You don’t always have to attack from left to right: if you aim the bird high enough you can attack from above. Perfect for levels with fortified walls, but exposed roofs.

Wait until your previous bird disappears. If you hit your last bird’s dazed body, your attack will be significantly dampened.

Bird Types

Unlocked: From beginning

Plain old projectile birds. Won’t do anything when tapped, and isn’t very tough either.

Unlocked: World 1, Level 10
Achievement: Split it! (10 points)

Scattershot birds dissipate into three small projectiles when the screen is tapped.

Think of these little guys like a shotgun. You can make a scattershot early to hit a good range of targets, but ideally you want to release these fellows close to the target so all three birds will smash into a small area at once. That’s how you inflict the most damage.

Unlocked: World 1, Level 16
Achievement: Speed is the Essence (10 points)

Kamikaze birds rocket at super speeds when the screen is tapped.

Despite their greatly increased velocity, they still won’t do much damage to materials like stone and glass. They rip through wood like it’s wet paper, though, allowing you to quickly attack enemies buried deep within a structure.

Unlocked: World 2, Level 5
Achievement: Boom Boom! (10 points)

These are caustic birds that explode to create shockwaves and destroy close blocks and birds. They blow up in their own time, but if you tap you can explode them instantly.

Remember, these guys are so heavy that they’ll destroy even a large chunk of stone in just one hit.

Unlocked: World 2, Level 14
Achievement: Mother of all Bombs (10 points)

Egg-dropping maternal birds. Tap the screen to launch an explosive egg from your backside, before firing your now deflated friend into the stratosphere. Get as low to the target as possible for maximum splash damage.

Don’t forget: these enemies can still be used as classic red-styled birds if you don’t tap. Useful if you just need a boring old projectile.

Unlocked: World 6, Level 5
Achievement: Return to Sender (10 points)

Boomerang birds turn around and fly backwards at roughly double the speed when the screen is tapped. Learning their trajectory is just a matter of patience and experience. In the right hands, though, these exotic toucans can be deadly accurate, and very powerful.

You can fire them backwards, and then quickly tap the screen to make a fast-flying bird. You’ll be hard pressed to make efficient hits in this way, but it’s a useful trick to keep under your belt.

Big Brother
Unlocked: World 9, Level 1
Achievement: Seeing Red (10 points)

At the time of writing, the Big Brother bird is the game’s final poultry-type, offering up enormous power. This pot bellied evolution of the classic red starter rips through wood and glass like butter, and can take out concrete without too much bother either.

He has the destructive power of the black bomb bird, just without the explosive finale. His giant size makes it tough to squeeze into tight corners, but he can wipe out entire structures just by wiping out the bottom foundations.

There’s little strategy found here: just let him loose and watch materials smash and pigs pop!

Unlocked: World 18, Level 1
Achievement: None


This new bird was actually introduced in Angry Birds Seasons, but has since made his way to the original game. He looks like a scrawny little chap when he’s sat in the catapult, but one tap of the screen unleashes his true power.

He puffs up like a self-inflating dinghy, forcibly pushing aside blocks and pigs alike. He’s a little like the bomb bird but smaller (perfect for entering tight spaces) and his power is more destructive than explosive.

Look for tight openings and fire the Orange Bird right in. When he puffs up you’ll dislodge the foundations, making anything above tumble to the ground.

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