Shopify alternatives

Looking for shopify alternatives ? Yes there are many shopify alternatives online . But most of them are like shopify a fancy tin outside but nothing or crap inside. Shopify itself comes with some required apps to start with. Some of them are up to 30$/ month.

Recommended & tried shopify alternative

The most proven shopify alternative is ali dropshiping .Its a simple wordpress plugin. It Offers two types of simple word press plugins, A stand alone version and a woo commerce version . I would recommend woo commerce version. Ali drop shipping also offers FREE choice of themes to start with aswell as paid ready made theme. But creators of this plugin also offer custom designs to suit your need .


  1. The best feature i have liked in this plugin is a simple google chrome extension that lets you import any product to your store. You can edit your import while you are browsing aliexpress and looking for products.
  2. With just one click you can import 20 to 40 or up to 100 reviews along their images . This is a FREE build in feature within plugin that can attract more customers.
  3. Profit margin rules. You can use this built in feature of doubling or quadrupling your profit . Plugin will automatically add product price within your desire settings. You can select 2x 3x or up to 4x profits.
  4. Image editing. This is one of my favourite feature. You can easily remove branding from images and make them look unique . This build in feature simply allows you to remove any logos on images.
  5. importing with options . This plugin is allowing you to import not only the product but if it has options such as size, colours etc. It will import them all and again with your desire profit settings.
  6. Easy ordering. Plugin stores supplier information and let you place your with supplier a piece of cake. Not only that you know how to find the product and look around on ali express to find a better deal. So not only you have imported a best looking and well description product you can also go to ali express again and find same product on low price.
  7. Aliexpress cash back. This plugin also let you register with their recommended ali drop ship cash back portals and let you track cash back within the system. So each order you are making profits along with cash back .
  8. to be continued……

xBox One

Call of Duty ww2 Multiplayer Review

So i have been given an online code to download and play for FREE call of duty multiplayer . I had no attentions of buying call of duty ww2 as to me it looked sheep walking . Like in battlefield one they have gone in to back in days so does call of duty decided to go in to reverse gear.
Gun Sounds along with layout of multiplayer is completely changed and it reminded me of battlegrounds where before going to open field battle all of you gather in a start up point. Slightly different here is that you are using your coins to get boxes and the opening in . Other players in same lobby can see what you are getting . Gun improvements and extras are same ways as they were in previous call of duty game versions. Keep playing with a gun to get its extras unlocked.
Over all i can give 3 out 5 as is didnt had a bad experience and i did enjoyed call of duty ww2 multiplayer. YOu have Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies aswell to enjoy killing zombies with old age guns.


Zombies chronicles Review xbox One/PC/Ps4

Zombies Chronicles released today 16th 2017 on PlayStation 4.It will be out for xbox one and pc on june the 16th.

I have pre ordered this Call of duty black ops 3 zombies DLC 5 & i was looking forward to play these 8 remastered maps. Those were only available on PlayStation 3, xBox 360 and PC . After watching jason`s interview where he mentioned that remastered maps really remastered made me pre order the DLC 5 . My favorite map in this DLC was Kino Der Toten . After Playing all day today i was truly disappointed with the results . Stage area have been darkened where you dont even see zombies coming . however new gumball makes easy to locate them, Once new gumball activated zombies approaching you changes in to 3d colors and makes  it easy to locate them.

Zombies chronicles xbox One & PC Release Date?

Call of duty Zombies Chronicles will be available to download for PC and xbox one june 16th. you can Pre order DLC 5.

The Good 🙂

I have tried few maps but as mentioned kino is my favorite so didn’t spent much time on other maps . Graphic overall is improved. Gumball machines are available also random perks machines available aswell. Every Round First Gumball is free, each Additional will cost on points. Mystery box have a big choice of guns. Latest guns those were introduced in later COD . New Gumballs are one of the best so far.

The Bad 🙁

I have list of the bad but i dont want to disappoint hardcore zombie fans. So below is the list which am sharing after my first day`s experience.

  • 15 Gb is space required to download all the maps and if you have poor internet then be ready.
  • Mystery box doesn’t give you wonder weapons for at least 3 to 4 spawns & one some occasions at the first try.
  • Some map areas had been darken Specially kino`s stage area.
  • Rounds are fast but after round 20 simple weapons no effect on zombies.
  • Pack punched non wonder weapon also doesn’t have much effect on zombies.
  • Lots and lots of Useless assault riffles.
  • First gumball is free but second will cost you points and higher cost will increase in each round. New feature but annoying.
  • If latest assault riffles are added in old maps then why not latest wonder weapons for those maps?



Above article is a personal opinion of the writer . Its doesnt reflect or nothing to do or donest have to match the opinion of regarding the subject.



Black ops 3 “ZOMBIE CHRONICLES” DLC 5 revealed

Call of duty black ops 3 zombies dlc 5 revealed today. “ZOMBIE CHRONICLES” is going to have 8 new zombie maps . These 8 zombies map will be from first call of duty world war 2 to latest call of duty zombie zombies.

Big secret is Revealed

Treyarch’s Co-Studio Head, Jason Blundell revealed this on a youtuber`s channel that there will be 8 maps starting from the first zombie intruduction to the latest zombie black ops 3 . This DLC further reveal will be on monday 7pm British standard time & zombie fans will also be notified that either this new DLC is coming within your black ops 3 season pass or you have to buy it seprate . On Call of duty Black ops 3 boxes season pass section you dont see 5th DLC . It looks seprate and i think they are going to charge for it . Further will revealed on monday so stay tunned till monday .

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Battlefield Hardline


Battlefield Hardline trailer has been revealed. You can now signup to play the beta version of the game at Video Game Battlefield hardline beta version is available to play on PC, xboxone and on PlayStation 4 . Its a multiplayer video game in which you can play as Police or as robber .I had fun playing this game however due to its a new format in battlefield its a bit hard it first to know which way you need to go . Police cars and vans are not as good handling as they spouse to have . However i came cross a lot of glitches in beta version . But over all it was a fun having new experience . Some times it feels like game development companies such as EA games, UBSoft gone mad . Game after game to make more and more money people are not even done playing with the stuff they have released before . Such as battlefield 4 i hardly know much people those gone for premium member ship .Reason why EA games putting offers on daily basis through origin.Anyways  You can also pre order the battlefield hard line through amazon and game uk . Below is the link to pre order battlefield hardline from amazon .


FIFA 15 Release Date

easfifa15g4logoprimarycmyk_jpg_jpgcopyEA Games Officially FIFA 15 Release Date .Video game fifa 15 will be released in September 2014 . it will be available on xboxone, pc, ps4 .

Today Official press release by EA Games its been confirmed about fifa 15 release date . You can Pre Order fifa 15 now on multi pal plat forms . You will get Cheapest pre orders links soon . Below is official press release and complete gaming information also about players count and multiplayer guide & info .

FIFA 15 brings football to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before. Witness the intensity of crowds chanting and cheering like on match day, and listen to commentators guide fans through the story of the game with Dynamic Match Presentation. For the first time ever, all 22 players on the pitch are connected with Emotional Intelligence – now players will react to opponents and teammates within the context, and relative to the narrative of the match. Next Generation Visuals put fans on Living Pitches with grass that wears and tears as the match progresses. Authentic Player Visuals make players lean, athletic, and true to their real-life appearance. Player Control heightens the responsiveness of player movement, gives athletes more control and personality on the ball, and makes Man-to-Man Battles more rewarding than ever before.  Football is the greatest drama on earth and FIFA 15 puts fans center stage, allowing them to feel the emotion and intensity of the world’s greatest sport.

Additional features and game mode details will be revealed in the months leading to the game’s release this September.

Game Pillars & Features
Emotion & Intensity
Emotional Intelligence — For the first time ever, FIFA 15 models the emotions of all 22 players on the pitch, giving fans a chance to experience first-hand the attitudes and personalities of the world’s best football players during a match. Players now recognize situations that trigger an emotional response and react naturally based on the game context. For example, a player that is being repeatedly fouled by an opponent could confront that opponent depending on the severity of the challenge and context of the competition. Players will respond authentically with new reactions to decisions, bad tackles, missed chances, goals, and other pivotal moments throughout the game. There are over 600 potential emotional reactions that could play out over the course of a game.
Dynamic Match Presentation — Match Day will feel more dynamic and alive than ever before – immersing you in the match action and never taking you out of the moment. With region specific behaviors, crowds will now be distinguished by cheers and chants designated to their club, league, country, or continent. Fans at Anfield in Liverpool feel and act differently than the fans at La Bombonera in Buenos Aires. Commentators will mention specific fan behavior triggered by unique fan moments like the Poznan or club songs. New Bench Reactions, 10 Player Goal Celebrations, ball boy animations, and contextual commentary will keep FIFA 15 fans engaged in the story of the match.
Unrivalled Intelligence
Team Tactics — Teams will now have contextual awareness of the game and will dynamically adjust their tactics according to the situation. For example, your opponent could be leading by a goal in the 88th minute and decide to hold the ball in the corner in an attempt to run down the clock. The end result is a more humanlike opponent that takes more risks when trailing, and potentially a more conservative approach when leading. Park the Bus, In the Mixer, and Time Wasting are just some of the Team Tactics fans will recognize in FIFA 15.
Incredible Visuals
Authentic Player Visuals — The FIFA 15 development team created the Next Generation football player – ensuring players appear true to their physical form. An all-new physically-based rendering lighting system changes the way players look, ensuring users are able to see a level of detail in players’ faces which hasn’t been possible before. New body rigging and character models make players feel powerful and athletic, while kits move realistically and react with the environment becoming dirty with mud and grass as the match unfolds.
Living Pitch — Pitches will never be the same. Slide tackles and boot marks are now visible on the pitch, and as the match progresses, the playing surface becomes increasingly weathered just as it would in a real football match. Fans playing in rain or wet weather will notice mud and debris on the pitch. Corner flag physics, goal frames that shake, and animated LED ad boards are just some of the new details that bring FIFA 15 to life.
Player Control
Agility & Control — FIFA 15 adds an all new level of responsiveness and control. Run Touch Dribbling allows players to better keep the ball under control in a sprint and in close-touch situations, giving personality to the most recognized players in the world. Leo Messi will dribble and move like he does in real life. Updated player biomechanics means that players will now react and move with balance and closer control when in possession of the ball. More precise steps and turns at low speed, and closer control at high speeds give fans more control and increased mobility when commanding players on the pitch.
Man-to-Man Battles — Dispossessing your opponent in FIFA 15 is more rewarding and physical than ever before. Players use Full-Body Defending to win possession and keep it. Possession Tackles will reward great defending, helping players keep the ball close to their feet when a challenge is won. New shoulder barges, push/pull mechanics, and big fall physics allow fans to feel the battle; shirt pulling is also visible thanks to new character visuals and improved cloth technology.
Correct Contacts — Physically Correct Contacts revolutionizes the way the football interacts with the players and their environment. Every dribble, touch, pass, shot, and deflection moves corresponding to the spin of the ball in relation to the position of the body part or object that it connects with – this gives the football accurate spin, curl, and movement, as well as varied trajectories. The movement of the ball in FIFA 15 changes the game.
Set Piece Control – FIFA 15 fans now have more freedom in attack with the ability to take control of teammates during throw-ins, corners, and free kicks. Using the right stick, FIFA fans can now control teammates off the ball to put them in the optimal spot to receive a pass during dead ball situations.


Product Specifications
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc.
Developer: EA Canada
Street Date: NA: Sept. 23 EU: Sept. 26
Rating: RP
Platforms: PLAYSTATION®4 / Xbox One®/PC
No of Online Players: 1-22
No of Offline Players: 1-4 (PS4); 1-4 (Xbox One); 1-4 (PC)
PC Recommended Specs: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.4 Ghz – 8GB Ram – Radeon HD 6870”