Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-Warfare-trailer-grab-LogoCall of duty advanced warfare set to release in November 4 2014. First look in to the game seems like with most advance tec weapons .No need to open up a door with remote control sticky bomb where you can just use your arm power . call of duty advanced warfare seems to setup in future 2054 and its touching most crucial topic of modern day history which is private army . Private security firms are all over the world right now and soldiers are no longer dying for a country its about big bucks nowadays . This is what been explained within video below . Anyways we are discussing game features here . its seems like you are wearing a high tec suit in all call of duty advanced warfare coop missions . It might be some perks and tecs for call of duty advanced warfare multiplayer but nothing yet been revealed . We will keep you update on that . But get ready November is not that far . To PRE ORDER Call of duty: advanced warfare head on to link below .

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PS4)



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Ps4 Deals UK and On the Web

Sony PlayStation 4 will be released tomorrow and by now its going really fast . people are paying up to £600 in black market to get the hands on the next gen gaming console . Sony PlayStation is set to beat the xbox One sales .People are desperate to their hands on this new next gen console , is because of they can enjoy the festive season . At we did a little research and bringing you best Sony ps4 deals uk or from around the globe . These are the some of the deals we have found on the WEB . SO take your time to browse around and ENJOY the best ps4 deals. First Off we will start with amzon .

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GTA 5 Review – Gta 5 gameplay and online gameplay information


Grand theft auto 5 is due to release on september 17 and Rockstar games released the gameplay trailer . Ever one has their own personal opinion about the game. Looks great but they time travel feature between three players isn’t very new .i mean if you had a chance to play hit man absolution . IT sort of exists within hitman game . But anyways i don’t want to disappoint GTA fans . It might be new . Rock Star games now released information about gta 5 online . There are tons of stuff for gamer to do . So i guess its going to be hard to chose witch one to play i mean fifa 14 is on its way aswell . As far as i know its usually in December but don’t know why its in September this time . Also from EA games battlefield 4 is on release aswell . SO 2013 is bring tons of fun for gamers  as xbox One and PS4 will be available after xmass.

So wonder full games to enjoy in 2013 with tons of new next gen features .

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xbox720 or xbox one gaming console by microsoft

Microsoft lunching xbox720 gaming console today . other side their rival Sony also going to making play station 4 available in November to buy as mas gift . Both will hit the shelf’s in November 2013.


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Grand Theft Auto V Box Art Revealed by rockstar games

So finally Box art of GTA 5 has been Revealed, People also posted the latest wall painting pictures on the web . GTa 5 will be with us 17 of september 2013 GTA V Box Art work