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GTA 5 Cheapest Pre Order

gta5cover2-1Grand Theft auto 5 cheapest pre order online for xbox360, PS3 and PC. Over the past few months Rockstar games keep on delaying the GTA 5 releasing date . But a lot of people looking forward to playing this game . People are getting sad after hearing the continuous changing within the releasing date . How ever on the other side rock star announced within one of their press release that due to gta 5 needs a bit of more polishing for a awesome Grand theft auto experience , reason why the releasing date is gone so far . Now its been confirmed that game is releasing 17-09-2013 around the globe . In the main time we will consider this same releasing date within Uk . As always gamezblog keep continue serving the video gaming community online . For that reason we have launched a dedicated gta 5 forums .You can help and intervene within latest gta 5 discussion, news, mods, cheats and lots of other update . Simply join the forum and you might be able to secure yourself a copy of grand theft auto 5 for free. please do not forget to share the forum information within your friends and family also dont forget to like it on facebook and share it on twitter. You can also get latest gaming updates via our twitter and facebook accounts by simply liking us on our gamezblog facebook page and following gamezblog on twitter .

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Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth


After the success of marvel avengers on the big screen here comes the marvel avengers battle for earth for wii u . Its been released for xbox kinect before Christmas time but luckily its now available on wii u,. Where you dont go just with move but a controller .

This game has on and off reviews however its worth playing . battle for earth is more like old fashioned fighting fun.

its available on ps3, xbox360 and wii you .
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New Release PS3

Battlefield 3 Close Quarters


Battlefield 3 Close Quarters are added to Epic battlefield 3 series by ea games. The releasing date of close quarters is 12 june to all the premium members of battlefield 3 . You can buy them cheap from one of the largest retailers on the web .

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Black Ops 2 Cheats – Call of duty Black Ops 2 Cheats


cheats for call of duty black ops 2 comming soon . Just stay tunned do not forget to subscirbe the rss feedb above . You will get all the latest info on blcak ops 2 cheats. in the mean time check out our facebook pages for black ops 2 zombies & official gaming page ..

black ops 2 zombies

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Black Ops 2 Zombies – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies info

So call of duty black ops 2 is coming soon and people are excited about new zombie missions. Just been confirmed by the black ops 2 media team that there is not specification announced officialy . however there are roumers on youtube and else where on the web that there is going to be eight players etc.  So acording to official press Nothing is announced yet . So all the black ops 2 zombie fans out there . Nothing on the web about the black ops 2 zombie is true. We will keep you update aboute the Call of duty: Black ops2 zombies. Do not forget to subscribe our blog for further updates or simply click the links below for our official facebook , twitter & youtube ..






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Game Platforms Genral

ps3 xbox360 or nintendo wii

None of them if some one asks me , Why because they cost money .

But now days people cant really live with out them can they ?

Well to be honest all of them are great am not going to pick one for your . well its game scout is here reviewing your all three consoles and will let you know which one to have .

First of all we go for nintendo wii  Great console with moving around controls But no any more as ps3 and xbox360 now have sensors . Am not going to go deep in to functions but the graphics are rubbish to be honest . still you have in hand controls so you can do a exercise a bit .

Sony Playstation 3 .