Yes One of the awesome war fare video game of year 2011.

  • Great Story Line
  • Great Graphics
  • Awesome Guns

Feels like you are really in the battlefield . Game was released 25 of oct 2011  . But to be honest this is a must playing video game for year 2011 . However Modern warfare three also coming out But this game is way to awesome . From the handling of a gun and firing the from it completely feels like battlefield . In call of duty series with player you can run for a limit but in battlefield 3 you are on the run when ever you are ready . Like other games from EA they have done a greatest job on this one aswell . i really enjoyed playing this video game .

Multiplayer is awesome aswell . Over all from am giving this video game a 9/10 .As i mentioned a must have 2011 video game .you be amazed .

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