battlefield 4 imagesBattlefield 4 fishing in baku gameplay has been released today at 27th of march 2013 .Battlefield 4 beta release  will be available for premium pc, xbox60 and ps3 members . however its not yet been released. Battlefield 4 also available to pre order for pc, ps3 and xbox 360 . With the gamplay video seems like dice has done another great job here .

However on the official gameplay video page at youtube people been requesting new animations needs to be added , such as changing seat and going for in jeep mount gun . Far cry 3 and two has this animation but within battlefield after simply pressing the button you are straight on the mount gun . So far its looks a great upcoming game and i hope because of battlefield 4 , Rock star games dont put their game gta 5 on a late release date.

Check out the exclusive gameplay of battlefield 4 below “fishing in baku “

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