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After reading bad reviews on amazon it will put me off buying this game in its early days so now that i had my hands on battlefield 4 then i will give  you a honest battlefield 4 review . Game itself isnot that bad and EA has done a good job . But why this game is getting bad reviews on platforms such as amazon . So i came to this conclusion that its due to bad multiplayer experience .

same as battlefield 3 when you just start video games multiplayer you only have a basic gun with some basic attachments which is not good when other ranked player use their fully loaded weapons on you . You had no choice and you are end up getting less kills and more deaths . which is kind of frustrating and its puts off new players and they take their anger on review the game. Once you get along and play and keep unlocking new attachments and weapons then game becomes a fun . However EA should not be doing some crysis 2 experiment here . Game is more like and look as CRYSIS 2 so i kind of missed bf3 . I know its new frostbite engine but EA might learn from it . SO hope you guys have enjoyed my quick battlefield 4 review .

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