Battlefield Hardline trailer has been revealed. You can now signup to play the beta version of the game at Video Game Battlefield hardline beta version is available to play on PC, xboxone and on PlayStation 4 . Its a multiplayer video game in which you can play as Police or as robber .I had fun playing this game however due to its a new format in battlefield its a bit hard it first to know which way you need to go . Police cars and vans are not as good handling as they spouse to have . However i came cross a lot of glitches in beta version . But over all it was a fun having new experience . Some times it feels like game development companies such as EA games, UBSoft gone mad . Game after game to make more and more money people are not even done playing with the stuff they have released before . Such as battlefield 4 i hardly know much people those gone for premium member ship .Reason why EA games putting offers on daily basis through origin.Anyways  You can also pre order the battlefield hard line through amazon and game uk . Below is the link to pre order battlefield hardline from amazon .

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