Blur video game cheats for xbox 360 .

Blur Hints & Cheats

Blur Cheat Codes

Chrome BMW

From the online Multiplayer Car Showroom, highlight the BMW Concept 1 Series car and enter the code.

Cheat Effect
LT, RT, LT, RT Unlock the Chrome BMW

Fully Upgrade the Ford Bronco

Highlight the Ford Bronco in the Multiplayer Showroom and enter the code

Cheat Effect
LT, RT ,LT, RT Fully upgrade the Ford Bronc

Blur Unlockables

Avatar Awards

Unlockable How to Unlock
Wreck Tee Get the Been there, got the T-shirt Achievement
Sticker Tee Complete the Sticker Book
Legend Tee Unlock the first Legend Rank in mutiplayer
Friend Rechallenge Tee Beat a friends rechallenge

Gamer Pic

Unlockable How to Unlock
Blur Gamer Pic Win first race in 1st place

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