call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-cover-artCall of duty: advanced warfare will be release on 14 of November 2014 and its coming on pc, xbox one, ps3 ps4 and xbox 360.Most advanced tec engine and latest technology weapons have been introduced in latest call of duty advanced warfare video game . Game touches the a very crucial topic which is private army .  Modern day war around the globe is run by private armies .In one of the intro videos it states with some graphs like who owns these companies and how much they are profiting . Video also does have some solider interviews saying they make more money in private army then the national army. So from that note we can expect some private army will go wild here and their bosses will start operating whats in their favor . Seem Call of duty: advanced warfare will be set in future probably in 2054 where you are wearing a high tec suite and playing the missions .Stay tuned with and we will keep you update with latest information regarding Call of duty: advanced warfare .

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