So i have been given an online code to download and play for FREE call of duty multiplayer . I had no attentions of buying call of duty ww2 as to me it looked sheep walking . Like in battlefield one they have gone in to back in days so does call of duty decided to go in to reverse gear.
Gun Sounds along with layout of multiplayer is completely changed and it reminded me of battlegrounds where before going to open field battle all of you gather in a start up point. Slightly different here is that you are using your coins to get boxes and the opening in . Other players in same lobby can see what you are getting . Gun improvements and extras are same ways as they were in previous call of duty game versions. Keep playing with a gun to get its extras unlocked.
Over all i can give 3 out 5 as is didnt had a bad experience and i did enjoyed call of duty ww2 multiplayer. YOu have Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies aswell to enjoy killing zombies with old age guns.

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