For those of you who are fan of Syndicate project i would like to say stop reading further . tom cassell aka syndicate project and few of his buddies are found involved in biggest video gaming scam. Where these famous you tubers encouraging kids under the gambling age to gamble on their own website . They never disclosed that they own the website and they faked reactions in a way so that more and more people go and use their website . This so called betting lotto website where you can buy crates with actual money and open them to get weapon skins . Due to these famous you tubers were the owners and they had back end excess so them getting very good and top notch skins can be a click of button . But their fake on video reactions encouraged more Counter Strike players to go on to their site and gamble .Several You tubers exposed their vexatious attempts to make some quick bucks online . They are already making 1000s from youtube revenue and other sponsors . I guess parents those lost money or their kids been spending money on cs lotto its time to go after them or simply forget about it . Share this further and expose this CS:GO betting scandal and let every one be aware of this .

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