Volatile_imageIN this video by gamezblog.net you will see how to clear the volatile nest`s in dying light the following. Volatile nest are on different location and its recommended you go inside at night time because the volatile are outside of their nest . However they do have other zombies protected their mothers but you can camouflage in order to complete the clearance . IF you already been playing dying light you should have learned how to camouflage with dead zombie corpses. Also i can recommend going with premium katana as its the best weapon to use on volatile . Remember not to worry getting out as once you are going to complete volatile nest clearing it will automatically show you exit sign and the place going to turn in to white in stead of yellow.  Clearing all the nest from the map will decrease volatile population which will help you getting out from safe zones at night . You can watch the complete guide video on our youtube channel by clicking the link below . DYing light the following is an awesome addition within dying light zombie video game . Remember getting outside from the safe house at night time will be good in new buggy in dying light the following. HAPPY PLAYING.

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