e32013From the full e3 2013 party we have chose these top ten video games . So here we go with some of the top ten e3 2013 video games .


       First i will go with my personal favourite it will be no.. its not cod its battlefield 4 . Why because after seeing what people can do while playing multi player on cod it put me off a bit so i will go for battlefield 4  releasing November 1 2013. It will be also available on playstation 4 and xbox one.


     Yap now i can say Call of duty: Ghosts . However it was the most stand out title for next-gen video games within e3 2013 party, But critics says it might not surprise much to the fans . Call of duty ghosts is another title of call of duty franchise. Game will be available on Sony Playstation 4 and xBox One.


    Now another great name within gaming witch i will put on number three is assassin`s creed 4 . Assassin creed 4 will be released on November 1 2013 . assassin creed will also be available for pc, xbox360, xbox one and Sony PlayStation 4 .


     Watch Dogs 2013 . game will be release on November 22 . Watch dogs will be available on Xbox 360, pc, ps3, Sony PlayStation 4 and xbox one . O Also on Nintendo Wii U . This video game looked amazing on e3 2013 show. 


Now some video games coming in 2014 those been announced on e3 2013 video gaming party .First i would like go is  Tom Clancy`s the Division. So far this Video game is only been announced on xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4.


On number 6 another shooter video game DESTINY from the makers of Halo franchise. It looked awesome on e3 2013. This game was a good showcase of next gen graphics . Game will be release in 2014 on xbox 360, xbox one, ps3 and also on Sony PlayStation 4 .


Another game that will be release in 2014 was the order 1886 . This title was teased at e3 . Ghost busters battle with supernatural foes using hi-tech weaponry. So far game is announced only on Sony PlayStation 4.


As list is going towards end i mean towards all the number within to ten . I will consider this video game on number 8 TITANFALL . However this was most exciting game on e3 2013 display. This first person shooter multiplayer looked amazing . Game will be available in 2014 and so far titanfall is announced on xbox360, xbox one and on pc.


Yap its racing and am putting this on number 9,  Drive CLUB. No its not coming in 2014 it will be available end of 2013. Drive club video game by Sony . Where they combine elements of need for speed most wanted and grand turismo . It will be a great choice for racing lovers . FANTASTIC.


 and finally at number ten from e3 2013 video games party is BEYOND. Game will be availiable on October 8th . Its a thriller video game starring ellen page and willem dafoe. So far its been said a lot about this video game within e3 2013 video game party but lets see will it going to deliver the expectations . October is not far 😉  . beyond two souls is only been announced on Sony PlayStation 3. 

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