eBay forcing sellers to pay return shipping ? The answer will be a YES & No. If you are a seller on eBay then you must get annoyed when eBay decides to accept a return in your behalf and ask you as a seller to recover return shipping charge. Even though Every seller clearly indicates buyer pays return shipping.

Some time it feels unfair when you done your job right . Pack the goods well, Deliver them on time, & for no reasons buyer decides to open a return request by misusing ebay`s return policy. Because they know if they open a dispute that they now have changed their mind about their purchase, they have to pay return shipping cost. eBay also helps them by displaying this message.

Now it looks like this is ebay`s own made rule, Because when a seller clearly indicates that return accepted within 15, 30 or 60 days and buyer pays return shipping, Then why ebay `s even asking to sellers to cover the cost?

Also EU and UK trading standard law clearly says its buyers responsibility to return the item as they received for a refund. And this is the practice all the major online selling non ebay brands follow. so it comes to very clear that its ebay`s own bully rule.

ebay  also has a problem of customer service. Each time you are going to ring for a solution their customer service representative will be located in different part of the world. Each time he or she will be making a decision on their personal opinion. They either dont know or do not wish to know what ebay rule says about this . 

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