farcry primalfar cry primal another poor attempt and desperation of ubi soft . Experianc the entire game within few days . You are entering in to the land of Oros and called winja, you have to find and gather other winja to bring them to you in your village . You will also came across other skilled winja those going to help you craft different weapons upon upgrading their huts.you have to defeat your rival izila and ull.

Now bit about game , it turned out they have used same far cry 4 map for the game . That’s another reason this game is out soon after the far cry 4 release. Missions are easy. tamin all the animal is easy, just powerful three beasts blood fang sabre teeth , great black bear and Snow White wolf needs a bit of effort of timing . As most of you know now that they have used far cry 4 map so there are no good words for open world. Now let’s talk about the features I liked about this games .

Game have a day night pattern which is another great feature in Dunia  engine. So having your tamed beast beside you at night is a great feeling . Entire in game world,s wild life is against you. So your beats kind of protects you. But sometimes having your beast alongside you brings trouble. Like mammoth not going to like and going to attack you and your beast. You can see the world with hunter vision pressing V on PC will help you to see rare animals , they leave a special trail behind which takes you towards them. Also if you attack some animals and they run away your hunter vision can allow you to follow their blood stains to locate them. There are other few features which I like in the game .  So if you are reading till this line am sure you don’t want me to or don’t care about my personal liking or disliking. So am ending this article here on a note that this game is not that worth spending money on . If you want you can wait a bit and get the cheaper version for experience.

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