Ubi soft`s latest FarCry addition is available in market and you now have chance to enjoy the video game on next generation console . Sony officially confirm the game release via newsletters. So those who have Sony`s PlayStation 4 in the shopping list on this Christmas 2014 why not just get the game on ps4 . far cry 4 ps4 is now available to order.  First time i have experience high price on PC version and it seems like UBI soft covering the Watch Dog lost from the FarCry4 . Anyways its just an compliment so ubi soft dont take it seriously ;).

Game trailers looks awesome on Next gen consoles . Specially PS4 . So far this console war is bringing quality stuff to video game lovers & it seems only sony and Microsoft are way ahead on it . We have search multipal online video game selling plat forms but as always we had tried to bring you best and lowest price possible gaming deal. So blew is an image if you have Farcry 4 ps4 video game in your Christmas shopping list . Enjoy the video game in upcoming festive holidays and please do not forget to share this article on your facebook or twitter as it helps alot to bring you more great video gaming deals 😉

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