FarCry 5 official annoucement gone to a new level . Its landing in to a controversy soon after releasing the complete trailer . Entire web or all the major outlets are crying our that why in this game you are targeting white christians killing white christians.

Well we only know this in E3 major reveal when there will be a full game play will be seen to predict the game`s future. So far Annoucement trailer clearly reveales that you are fighting a war lord. Who is using some kind of religious cult to control people.

FarCry 5 Based .

Game`s background is montana and it will be a first farycry after years to based in somwhere in USA.

FaryCry 5 Internet CRY.

Web Speacially youtube audiance is crying our it . People leaving comments such as why didnt Ubi soft makes some game based on Islam or killing talibans . Why white people gore and blood. So it seems like community or to these 12 year olds killing muslims or islam based games are fine. But when your back drop is America and white Cult boss needs throwing out is not fine.


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