Furious-7Fast and Furious 7 is out on 3rd of april and so far movie is a box office hit . Fast and furious 7 was already been predicted one of the best movie going to be by movie critics . ?So far fast and furious franchised lovers have gave a 10 out of 10 ranking . As previous it does have chases and it does have races . This time there is a fight with secret agent which is played by?Jason Statham?a British actor. sens??and cars will hold you to watch fast and furious 7 full movie. as always movie does have complete previous cast however there were members been left out in 6 and one of chines member is got killed in china by?Jason Statham?.

It will be the final work of paul walker in fast and furious series . Other reasons of this movie being hit can be that people wanted to see how they will end paul walker`s addition from movie. ?Well enough said and i guess it will be one of the most recommended to watch movie of 2015.


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