Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailA quick review for fifa 14 about new fifa 14 features . Over all IGN and gamespot given it a good rating . But we will discuss new features been added in fifa 14 .

  • This features is just for xbox version of fifa 14 . this fifa 14 feature is for unlimited team called legends featuring retro players such as pale.

  • Pure Shot, Its a new system for a more relistic shooting combined with real ball physis .

  • Protect the bali – Its a ability to fend off other players while dribbling.

  • Precision movement – It will make a player to change their speed and direction more realistically.

  • New signature goal celebration – Its also includes bale`s heart sign, Ronaldo`s calm down gesture and a hilarious chicken dance .

these are some fabulous latest features been added in fifa 14 . Fifa 14 will be release tomarrow 27 -09-2013 all around the world . and it seems like people will put away gta 5 for couple of days to play this new fab addition EA`s fifa 14 .

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