Its unbelievable that one of the most played game turned out to be a cartoonist graphic video game. Free to download fortnite battle royale that can give you startup packaging on a small payment of 3 Pounds. However there are un locks which you can unlock after playing it alot . So server online there are 100 players and at the end only one winner in solo or due or a team set of 4 can play together.  Video game fortnite battle royale uses FREE Video gaming engine Unreal Engine , Games are Free to build on this gaming platform but if you game is a making more then a certain amount then you will be paying a percentage to the owener and creator of this FREE gaming engine EPIC GAMES. IN fortnite battle royale`s case EPIC games own the video game aswell.

Enough with long paragraph where non stop about the video game now lets explore a bit more . Game is more like to its realistic version of game Battleground player unknown and at one time after ARMA etc it was one of the most played video game . Where any one time 100 players are on server going after each other to finish at the top one .

Now Fortnite is exactly the same but cartonish looking graphics where you can build with three materials and you can destroy anything and everything in order to get materials. You can build walls floor or roof with wood , bricks and matel. However they can be destroyed with different type of power full guns. Enough for the game its FREE to download and play.

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