Such is how much we’ve advanced technologically that mobile phones have become prime portals for gaming. Titles such as FIFA 2012 can be played while sitting on the train on your iPhone for example, and this is a far cry from the days of Nokia’s Snake. What’s even more exciting is that the mobile gaming experience has yet to be perfected and some titles are yet to make it unto the smartphone scene. Here are some video game titles we’d absolutely love to have on our smartphones.


Perhaps the greatest video game ever, Goldeneye’s just one of those titles we still wax lyrical about since its initial release in 1997. Where can one possible start when praising Goldeneye? The missions were scintillating, the levels were perfect – very detailed but not too detailed to become confused by – and the graphics were the best out at the time.

In fact, Goldeneye is crying out for a mobile phone version and I’m so keen on there being one that were it only available on the iPhone, I’d jump out of my seat immediately in search of the best iPhone deals.


Ok, it’s already clear from the first two titles I’ve mentioned that I was an avid N64 head. But regardless of what console you felt affiliated to throughout your childhood, Zelda would undisputedly be a very welcome addition to your mobile phone game collection.

Zelda wasn’t just a game; it was an experience. It was another life and alternative world. Sometimes I would simply just ride around the game without even doing missions or attempting to make progress. It was just encapsulating.

Anyone who’s played Zelda would agree that the game had something magical to it.

FIFA 98: Road to World Cup

Now I know we already have FIFA games available on our smartphones but none of them are quite like the 1998 World Cup version.

This was arguably the best FIFA game ever. The skills that could be done on them were mouth-watering, the simplicity in playing the game made it addictive and the way you could do dirty challenges rendered it even more exciting.

Plus you could play with Fat Ronaldo, Zidane, Luis Enrique, Gianfranco Zola and David Ginola!

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