So every player of gta 5 online is going to get a text messages in their ifruit with an image of their clue location . It will be different for every user reason i know this i have seen few videos on YouTube regarding following the clues but mine was totally different . I have been sent an image to start my clue near old boat yard near GODs thumb . upon reaching their it was hard for me to locate the first clue. So just to let you know clue is always going to be on land. So again first clue will be hard or easy but it was hard in my case and rest followed in line.
You can have Video help to follow the rest clue locations . You are going to get the revolver straightaway and now comes the task that on completion you are going to get $250,000 gta 5 cash along this double barrel gun will be available in RedDeadRedemption.
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50 Head shots can be on residents or online players but upon pulling out your gun you are going to get resistance from online players and residents of gta 5 online will run away . So follow what i did . GO all the gang locations and first shot will start the gang members to attack you . Now hide behind a wall are start taking your head shots. You will get a count message in left of your GTA 5 ONLINE screen for how many head shots left.

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