Grand theft auto 5 is due to release on september 17 and Rockstar games released the gameplay trailer . Ever one has their own personal opinion about the game. Looks great but they time travel feature between three players isn’t very new .i mean if you had a chance to play hit man absolution . IT sort of exists within hitman game . But anyways i don’t want to disappoint GTA fans . It might be new . Rock Star games now released information about gta 5 online . There are tons of stuff for gamer to do . So i guess its going to be hard to chose witch one to play i mean fifa 14 is on its way aswell . As far as i know its usually in December but don’t know why its in September this time . Also from EA games battlefield 4 is on release aswell . SO 2013 is bring tons of fun for gamers ¬†as xbox One and PS4 will be available after xmass.

So wonder full games to enjoy in 2013 with tons of new next gen features .

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