If you are facing script hook v fatel error upon load the grand theft auto 5 then this means you dont have an udated version of script hook . Now you might say my game versions and script hook v versions are matching then how come i dont have the latest or updated version of script hook v and why am getting this error ? so here is the answer . RoackStar Games realeases a big patch that when the add new DLC. Upon adding new DLC its a versions change meaning gamer version changes upon each and every DLC. But they devolope an extra car, heli, or plane after the DLC and they wanted to add in to your game then they do a sneeky update Where just these cars, planes, or helis are been added . This requires no DLC update but it will change the updated DATE of the game. That effects on all mods you have in the game speacily script hook v Because script hook sees a new date from the previous date So it reuqires a tiny update .Which devolopers of script hook v do after a few days .

It was a frustrating at first and along with other youtubers i did pulled my hair. Upon is my own personal mith about the process. THis information is my own figured for a explantion to people have low knowladge same as me .

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