Halo 3 Cheat Codes

Hide Weapon, Show Coordinates & Camera Modes

The following cheats can be performed during a local match or replay only. You must simultaneously PRESS & HOLD the following buttons for 3 SECONDS to toggle the effect on / off.

LB = Left Bumper
RB = Right Bumper
LS = Click in on Left Analog Stick
RS = Click in on Right Alalog Stick

LB + RB + LS + A + DOWN [D-PAD] Toggle Hide Weapon
LB + RB + LS + A + UP [D-PAD] Toggle Show Coordinates / Camera Mode
[HOLD LS + RS] Press Left on D-Pad Toggle Pan-Cam / Normal while Show Corrdinates is enabled.

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  1. thanx for sharing just looking for them.am sure there is a list of achivements ,can you post them aswell .

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