If you are considering moving your shopify store to word press using woocommerce. Then you are right place to find the reasons. information in this article will be based on my personal opinion and what we have found moving our business from shopify to woocommerce using wordpress.

Our Reason Moving to WordPress From Shopify:


Our main concern was web loading speed. We have tried custom themes along free themes and customized them best we could but nothing worked out .it wasnt the first time we were using shopify we had used them for several domains and 3 months moved to either wordpress or OpenCart. Again given another try to shopify but found no improvement.  You can do leazy load imaging or other apps or plugins but nothing going to work. This means bad user experience, Not only google going to penalize you but you will find this in user`s behavior.


Fees, Fees were our second main concern. Shopify charges you a fix monthly fee $29 along 2.0 % + Fix amount to every sale goes through the platform. You can have a decent hosting for this much money to host your website to other platform such as wordpress. Which also going to give you flexibility to do things. Fees seems like nothing but even a busiest store will look in to this some point in their journey.  You have to consider your marketing budget aswell.


Flexibility, You have nothing in terms of improve your website , Every Single App is paid or FREE versions comes with nothing.  They have access to your data as that is what they ask upon adding these apps to your store. Spouse you are building a email list and with some unknown reason one app has access to it . So your marketing budget is for someone else.


How to Move, here is a link of article which you will be finding on official woocommerce website . Simply click here . this link will take you to exact steps of what you need to do.



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