“What an awesome video Game to Play on PS3” .

Well these are the words from gamezblog.net team . You have demo version to download to play for free and check the feature it has . In start the guy tell his story how he became like this and that but other side you have great things to do in game .You can skate like a snow skateboarding on electric wires those they use for trams to run .

You can always charge your powers from near by lights lamps electricity transformers etc.

The Really cool think i like in the game is they really put details effort on every feature of the game. For eg if you are charging your self from cars their head lights goes off even street lights and stuff. No guns and reload issue ;)) .you are throwing grenades and firing electricity from you .that tackles the enemy .But they have guns witch seems like no use of you, i mean you cant have them because you as a player a running gun.

Our all its a really fun to play but a bad news is if you have xbox 360 then you cont have this game because ps3 only released in on just their plate farm witch is obviously playstation 3 .You can check the full demo gameplay on one of our official youtube channels by clicking Here .

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