Just Cause 2 Unlockables for playstation 3.


Unlockable How to Unlock
Gaining a Foothold (Bronze) Complete 3 stronhold takeovers.
First Taste of Chaos (Bronze) Cause chaos for the first time.
Saboteur (Bronze) Complete 150 sabotages.
Destroyer (Bronze) Complete 1000 sabotages.
Professional Hitman (Bronze) Assassinate 25 colonels.
Up to the Challenge 1 (Bronze) Complete 10 challenges.
Up to the Challenge 2 (Bronze) Complete 50 challenges.
Leaving No Rock Unturned (Bronze) Acquire 1000 resource items.
Finders Keepers (Bronze) Acquire 100 resource items.
Faction Benefactor (Bronze) Collect 150 faction items.
Globetrotter (Bronze) Discover 100 locations.
Freeroamer 1 (Bronze) Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.
Body Count (Bronze) Kill 750 enemies.
Unarmed and Dangerous (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.
Gravity is a Bitch! (Bronze) Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their death.
Follow Me! (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.
Hang ’em High! (Bronze) Kill 30 enemies while they’re suspended in the air with the grappling hook.
Wrecking Ball (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.
PiƱata Party (Bronze) Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they’re suspended with the grappling hook.
Juggler (Bronze) Kill 30 enemies while they’re falling through the air.
Road Rage (Bronze) Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.
Marksman (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
Killing Frenzy (Bronze) Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.
Invincible Warrior (Bronze) Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.
Destruction Derby (Bronze) Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.
Test Driver (Bronze) Drive 30 different vehicles.
Trying Anything Once (Bronze) Drive all 104 vehicles.
Road Trip (Bronze) Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.
Please Step Out of the Vehicle (Bronze) Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.
Stunt Driver (Bronze) Get 100 stunt driver points.
Halfway There (Bronze) Reach 50% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
Parachute Climber (Bronze) Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 above the starting height.
I Believe I Can Fly (Bronze) Base jump 1000 meters.
Bridge Limbo (Bronze) Pass under 30 unique bridges in Panau.
Stunt Flyer (Bronze) Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.
Perfectionist (Bronze) Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.
Top of the World (Bronze) Stand on foot at the highest point of Panau.
Conqueror of Panau (Silver) Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.
Freeroamer 2 (Silver) Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.
A Trusted Ally (Gold) Complete 49 faction missions.
Welcome to Panau (Bronze) Complete story mission 1 on any difficulty.
Casino Bust (Bronze) Complete story mission 2 on any difficulty.
The White Tiger (Bronze) Complete story mission 3 on any difficulty.
Mountain Rescue (Bronze) Complete story mission 4 on any difficulty.
Top Agent (Bronze) Bonus for completing the game on Normal difficulty.
Three Kings (Silver) Complete story mission 5 on any difficulty.
Into the Den (Silver) Complete story mission 6 on any difficulty.
Heroic Agent (Silver) Bonus for compelting the game on Experienced difficulty.
A Just Cause (Gold) Complete story mission 7 on any difficulty.
Legendary Agent (Gold) Bonus for completing the game on Hardcore difficulty.
Winner Takes All (Platinum) Earned all Just Cause 2 Trophies.

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