943500_99299_frontJust case 2 video game for xbox 360 .releasing 26 of march 2010.Crazy stunts, a huge gameworld, and a playful attitude make Just Cause 2 a lot of fun despite its annoyances. More reviews about just cause 2 the good and bad below.

The Good

  • Enormous, varied island to explore with lots of things to do
  • More than 100 vehicles to drive and pilot
  • You pull off all sorts of crazy stunts
  • Stuff blows up in lots of awesome ways
  • Using the grapple hook and parachute to move around is great fun.
The Bad
  • Broken targeting can make gunplay a pain
  • Some of the missions are more frustrating than fun
  • Various glitches and other scattered annoyances.
  • Square Enix
  • Avalanche Studios
  • Modern Action Adventure
  • Release: Mar 26, 2010 ยป
  • PEGI:

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