JUSTCAUSEAs soon as i saw first few second of the video i immediately thought in mind that its for sure just cause 3 trailer. Grappling hook with the creator was a unique thing in just cause 2 and gamer`s loved it . Most of us been waiting just cause from years and at a one point i thought this good game might go in to dust and we might not see it a never versions of it . Just cause 2 had a massive map and upon asking developers they told that this is the reason this game didnt have an online version . Meaning you are unable to play the game online .

To be honest with you game was a complete fun even after completing the campaign missions i have played the game for months . it was a great fun game . You can simply grab your enemy and hook them with you vehicle etc. You had tons of way ?to complete side missions . Now that JUST CAUSE 3 is coming this summer people did have a lot of expectations with the game as its already been couple of years . Well guys i will share further info about just cause 3 in the mean time to get all the latest just cause 3 updates you can follow us on twitter? or if you would like to pre order the game just cause 3 you can simply do so by clicking the button below .

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