La Noire – La Noire Video Game


ewsRock Star Presents la noire is been developed by rock star games and this game has lots of new features which only been introduced for the first time within a video game. You are playing as a investigator and by judging peoples faces you can write the crime tail and solve the crime mysteries . Rock start managed to get a decent business from this game and its has been released back in 2011 . L.A. NOIRE might be on next gen as rockstart planning to do red dead redemption on next gen platforms . But due to rockstar games keep every thing in secret . no one know about their video game release dates or other video game related news. How ever if you are a rockstart social club register member you will get a some new wire updates time to time to know about rockstart`s upcoming stuff . Right now they are still busy with Grand Theft Auto 5 and trying to make as much money as possible via selling the shark cards. 

# Rockstar Games
# Team Bondi
# Adventure
# Release: Apr 05, 2011 (US)

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