Los santos police department First response is one of the most played grand theft auto 5 mod. So far nearly 200,000 + downloads from official website lspdfr.com . This mod transforms your grand theft auto completely to a diffrent level .

What is LSPDFR

Its a another add on mod for grand theft auto 5 . After adding this mod to your GTA 5 you will be able to play the game as a cop , Traffic stops, arresting pedestrian, responding to emergency calls are all included in the game. There are few other mods same as LSPDFR but so far its one of the best mod we have ever experiance.  Best part is its free of charge.

About devolopers of LSPDFR

G17 media are the creators of this mod however few other contributers are also contributed with their plugins & most active is albo 1125 .


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