So new iPhone 5 is in market now .Its been sold out in Uk market already . And people in countries like America also struggling to get the new iPhone 5 .

Here are some cool features are added in new iPhone 5. New slim and unique design i mean just 0.3in (7.6mm) .display is bigger at four inches tall , rather than 3.5 inches. and  its 44percent brighter then the previous one . They also added a fast processor twice faster then the iPhone 4 .its Camera takes panoramic photos  witch is ideal for holidays etc. its got a new software that stitches the pictures togather by just moving the phone sideways . Frond cam is now in HD Quality . Its compatible with the new 4G technology witch is 10 time faster then previous 3g . By the end of this year in most of countries its going to 3g to 4g . This new iPhone 5 connector goes digital and 80 percent smaller than the current 30 pin one. So old docks car kits and chargers site-stepped with an adapter.  its also included a 3d map and a flyover feature witch allows user to zoom around the streets looking at the landmarks etc. iPhone 5 now have free sat nav, integrated facebook and nifty passbook.  Siri voice control has been souped up to more knowledgeable and responsive.

By v jav

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