Call of duty black ops 3 zombies revelations Easter egg high round strategy.

New salvation DLC comes with new zombie map revelations comes with many new Easter eggs . Which you can explore while playing zombies where they brought all the previous maps under one map . You have special gates those you have open with points and once done you can retrieve the pack a punch machine which is taken by a giant beast that takes it away when you spawn in first map . i personally manage to reach round 100 and the strategy i have adopted if you follow you can reach to 1000 round in black ops 3 zombies. But once you cross round 75 in black ops 3 zombies there are tons of waves appear and it takes ages to clear one round . i have spent 6 hrs to reach round 90 which is not healthy if you keep playing without any brake .

Most of the revelations-easter-egg are already been solved and you can watch tons of videos on youtube but many zombie youtubers recon there are more revelations easter eggs.

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