Saints Row 3Rip GTA IV this the line i have read the most of the time in youtube comments .Yes Rest in Piece to Grand theft auto 4. But its not good way to say to be honest . I remember when rock star released GTA IV back in 2008 I was personally really exited . JUST because of GTA IV i bought xBox360 and New PS3. Yes only just because of this game .

But this new game Saints Row The Third . Well you cant say new, saints row two was good aswell but this third one is way too good .Some awesome features i liked are fighting styles , shoting styles , Funny Vehicles awesome alien jet . Creator thrower car etc  i liked the most .To know more about the game you have to check our youtube channels and watch all the trailers .But soon we are going to share gameplay footage aswell so stay tunned.

By WebDesk

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