Six years ago selling online was a child’s play . You simply need a bank account some investment, couple of hundreds will do the job and thats it . Few selling online sites were well known like ebay and amazon . But After 2009 both gone crazy and gone extremely greedy . like if you are selling some thing for £200 on amazon they going to charge you 20% on that which will be 20 pound. ebay is not behind of that they going to charge you 10% then their paypal is going to charge you again for at least 2 to 4%.  So if you have  10% saving on a product then you will end up nothing .So basically both of them dont want you to start a small business or a carrier online . But still there are some other selling online sites . They charge less which means more saving to you but unfortunately they are not well known and not well trusted . But we need to support them in order to find a alternative online selling place .

So ebay alternative and Amazon alternative needs to be trusted or either have good rating online . there are quite few but no idea why they could get much exposure  online .

we should suggest our own very own trusted website

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