Looking for shopify alternatives ? Yes there are many shopify alternatives online . But most of them are like shopify a fancy tin outside but nothing or crap inside. Shopify itself comes with some required apps to start with. Some of them are up to 30$/ month.

Recommended & tried shopify alternative

The most proven shopify alternative is ali dropshiping .Its a simple wordpress plugin. It Offers two types of simple word press plugins, A stand alone version and a woo commerce version . I would recommend woo commerce version. Ali drop shipping also offers FREE choice of themes to start with aswell as paid ready made theme. But creators of this plugin also offer custom designs to suit your need .


  1. The best feature i have liked in this plugin is a simple google chrome extension that lets you import any product to your store. You can edit your import while you are browsing aliexpress and looking for products.
  2. With just one click you can import 20 to 40 or up to 100 reviews along their images . This is a FREE build in feature within plugin that can attract more customers.
  3. Profit margin rules. You can use this built in feature of doubling or quadrupling your profit . Plugin will automatically add product price within your desire settings. You can select 2x 3x or up to 4x profits.
  4. Image editing. This is one of my favourite feature. You can easily remove branding from images and make them look unique . This build in feature simply allows you to remove any logos on images.
  5. importing with options . This plugin is allowing you to import not only the product but if it has options such as size, colours etc. It will import them all and again with your desire profit settings.
  6. Easy ordering. Plugin stores supplier information and let you place your with supplier a piece of cake. Not only that you know how to find the product and look around on ali express to find a better deal. So not only you have imported a best looking and well description product you can also go to ali express again and find same product on low price.
  7. Aliexpress cash back. This plugin also let you register with their recommended ali drop ship cash back portals and let you track cash back within the system. So each order you are making profits along with cash back .
  8. to be continued……

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