Thinking of selling online and thinking of using shopify? Then you need to read this from start to finish . Complete case study, From how much you need to start up and what are the pros and cons .

What is shopify ?

Shopify is an online eCommerce platform. Where you can sell online. its very famous within drop shippers, Most of them using for drop shipping. Because ali express is the only place where you can buy individual items direct from china. You can also use shopify for ebay, Amazon and drop shipping . But you can also use shopify for selling yourself. It comes with 3 packages starting from $29 USD with a 14 days trial.

what is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is an online selling method, Where you rely on suppliers to ship or send goods to your customers. So instead of you having any physical inventory with you, You are just using your supplier`s images to sell products and asking them to deliver to your customers.

Overall Shopify startup budget ?

You need a minimum of $200 or up to $300 USD to startup with shopify. Now shopify`s own packages starts from 29.99USD / month. Shopify comes with build in hosting so you dont have to pay hosting service. Also they will be giving you a FREE domain like, But to make a positive impression you need to have your own domain. Which you can buy from shopify for $14.99/ year or you can use domains from other registrars such as namecheap, godaddy or you also need a marketing budget with a minimum of 50$ to 60$ and you can use it on platforms such as Facebook ads etc. If you thinking of starting within just one niche then you also consider investing in to the product you are planning to sell. As having some custom images or videos will go long way. Shopify also need some necessary apps . Apps such as oberlo are very good to start with but after 50 orders they start charging on a monthly basis . There are tons of other apps from which few are a must have to start with.

So all in all you require a two to 300 USD before you even do any sale.

Selling with Shopify

if you thinking of just drop shipping with a simple niche instead of a broad store . Then here are some necessary steps you need for start selling with shopify.

Required Shopify apps

First off the most important and recommended app you need is oberlo. its highly recommended if you drop shipping for ali express. They have verified suppliers those offer fast shipping to any part of world and dispatch item within few working days. It also lets you know trending products within your niche or broad store. How much its selling in 6 months and how many other shopify users already imported the product to sell.

Other must have apps such as review app, turst badge apps are name of few.

to be continued….

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