When it comes to top gaming you tubers the first name comes in every single gamer`s mind is phewdiepie . At the time of writing this blog he is reaching 46 million subscribers on YouTube. Number one subscriber on YouTube. According to social blade this guys is making few millions from just playing video game and sharing online . Or Most of the time playing live & top side just for an hour a day .

There is a lot talk going one about how much phewdiepie makes money from YouTube/ Google.  But he actually made an video in end of December 2015 explaining how much money he makes but he says people dont see the amount of work he does to support charities.

There are few other name such as vanos gaming, syndicate project, Ali A, But phewdiepie is dominating the gaming community of youtube. or #Gaming


There are few other UK based youtubers been featured in different news papers & when people see how much money they make every one wants to do same as they do . But its not an easy JOB . But it gets easier when you reach certain amount of audience.

If you thinking of starting full time youtube and want to be a part #gaming why not read another article dedicated to how to be famous on youtube . Based on 8 years of non stop YouTube experience.

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