Walking Dead Season 9 episode 9 ended and episode 10 is coming up with another twist . Fans were moaning of rick`s removal but now they have talking and communicating walkers . Tracking down their pray . It is a big surprise to see Walking dead keeping the audience & fans engaged even after 8 years. First walking dead season was Aired 2010 .
#TWD also introducing new character and some of them are kind of a pick from all zombie video games. If you have played zombie video games then you might be able to compare some scenes & character are from many famous video games.
Hats off to AMC the walking dead from bringing more fun for their fans. As upon every season`s end people always thought, This is it they dont have much left to come up with, Specially they way season 8 ended it was certain this is going to be happy ever after because Rick`s Dead Son`s vision was becoming a reality . Cant wait to see season 9`s episode 10 .

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