Couple of weeks ago this #youtubepartyisover was trending on twitter. Famous Youtubers were on panic mod regards to their earning falling down . Companies were pulling out their advertisement (which can be a google or youtube stunt.) Without Video Publisher or channel oweners knowladgment their videos were dimonitised.

Now to a video viewer these things are just another news but to the content creators it was like a “Mother of all bombs” is fallen on to them. Everyone was making vlogs explaning and crying. But after a little time, things became normal Everything gone under the carpet .

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Who is Real Effectee?

This might be a happy news for all the major youtubers that they are not going to face new upcoming competators, those will be creating content within their niche but its a major blow back and news for all new youtube starters.

So if you are considering starting a youtube career here are the latest things you need to know about youtube .

  1. You are unable to monetise you videos untill your videos reaches a viewer ship score of 10,000.(All videos Combine views.)
  2. Tiny fraction of copy right content will land major community guidline strikes .
  3. Upon continious strikes entire account will be wiped out .
  4. No Major explanation or help link to get your account back.
  5. Always keep your content`s multipal copies.
  6. Do not make serveral channels under same email account . Its like putting all your eggs in one basket.
  7. Create a seprate channel to upload your content and might aswell make it unpublish or private as back up .
  8. Youtube dont care how hard you CRY . So be ready to all possibilities, i.e not getting your channel, channels or content back.
  9. Fresh personal content is the key now .
  10. Swearing, killing, blood is a big No, NO..
  11. If you do have killing, blood or gore kind of stuff make it a 18+ Video . Otherwise Monetisation is a No no.
  12. Its youtube`s new algorithm , Non human and feeling less.

At the time of writing this we just have experianced the problems above and consider then and take them as a FREE advise.

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