Zombies Chronicles released today 16th 2017 on PlayStation 4.It will be out for xbox one and pc on june the 16th.

I have pre ordered this Call of duty black ops 3 zombies DLC 5 & i was looking forward to play these 8 remastered maps. Those were only available on PlayStation 3, xBox 360 and PC . After watching jason`s interview where he mentioned that remastered maps really remastered made me pre order the DLC 5 . My favorite map in this DLC was Kino Der Toten . After Playing all day today i was truly disappointed with the results . Stage area have been darkened where you dont even see zombies coming . however new gumball makes easy to locate them, Once new gumball activated zombies approaching you changes in to 3d colors and makes Β it easy to locate them.

Zombies chronicles xbox One & PC Release Date?

Call of duty Zombies Chronicles will be available to download for PC and xbox one june 16th. you can Pre order DLC 5.

The Good πŸ™‚

I have tried few maps but as mentioned kino is my favorite so didn’t spent much time on other maps . Graphic overall is improved. Gumball machines are available also random perks machines available aswell. Every Round First Gumball is free, each Additional will cost on points. Mystery box have a big choice of guns. Latest guns those were introduced in later COD . New Gumballs are one of the best so far.

The Bad πŸ™

I have list of the bad but i dont want to disappoint hardcore zombie fans. So below is the list which am sharing after my first day`s experience.

  • 15 Gb is space required to download all the maps and if you have poor internet then be ready.
  • Mystery box doesn’t give you wonder weapons for at least 3 to 4 spawns & one some occasions at the first try.
  • Some map areas had been darken Specially kino`s stage area.
  • Rounds are fast but after round 20 simple weapons no effect on zombies.
  • Pack punched non wonder weapon also doesn’t have much effect on zombies.
  • Lots and lots of Useless assault riffles.
  • First gumball is free but second will cost you points and higher cost will increase in each round. New feature but annoying.
  • If latest assault riffles are added in old maps then why not latest wonder weapons for those maps?



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