gta-5-online-heist-trailer-breakdown-hydra-heists-payouts-moreSo finally Rock Star games released gta 5 online heists and as expected it has a lot issues . Rock star does take all the necessary time before they make a release still it has issues . First and most annoying issue is you have to have a list of regular gta 5 online playing friends . You might think why well try playing gta 5 online heists and you will find out . No one is willing to join . You have to wait hours i guess and you are unable to play the heists missions?on your own . ?There are 100s of glitches on first day ?of release and if you real rock star official support twitter account`s tweets ?you will see they are daily tweets of regular fixes . Still it hangs up and and some time unable to display the map contents. Gta 5 for pc is till on delay and this time its in april . And since they already have changed the date two or three times now you are unable to trust on them and confirm that grand theft auto 5 might release in april for pc . Anyways missions are great and well designed you are in split two teams and both team have their own jobs to do . Heists missions are 4 player missions excluding first fleeca bank missions . SO your 3 players needs to have a head phone with mic to go for a mission and do it in success other wise you will keep on screwing, Last but not lease i should say good luck with gta 5 online heists & happy playing .

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