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GTA 6 – Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date & Updates

There is a huge media debate on major media online protal about GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 Relase date and updates .
All major news Portals covering this news within their online news plat forms, What is reality and what is confirmed lets look in to this.

First of being a die hard fan of Grand Theft Auto i personally keep an eye on every news and update but so far their is nothing officialy confirmed by RockStar Games about GTA 6 Release.

Some media portals are claiming about games upcoming dates through verious assumptions, and famous once are Rockstar tax file confirms they are planning or working on new project, Some coming up hints and other ex emplyee leaks etc.

In my personal opinion there is no such thing of GTA6 100% on the day of writing this piece of information Jan 28,2020. Rockstar games clearly making enough from their 2013 project, Why would they ruin their years of work and make a new game. They have recenlty release Casion Heist update just before newyear and xmass.

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Battlefield 5 Released Date UK

Battlefield 5 official release date was October 19 but EA has announced a months delay and new date is to be 20 November . It must have been due to Treyarch decided to release Call Of duty black ops 4 along with zombies and battle royale.

Official trailer release does had some bad comments to read. Some were complaining having a girl in lead or guns or SAY not to old war etc.However EA decided to go ahead as several trailers were released. We are also sharing some screen shot released by offical press released service of EA games.

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Dying Light 2

Dying LIght 2 is announced in E3 Video gaming expo . Tech land Coming up with another zombie apocalypse . Previous dying light had par core and this one has even more par core moves.

This dying light introduces another feature where you have to chose which way you want to proceed with the gameplay . Either be with piece keepers or go against them. Both ways you make enemies . Staying with piece keepers you may witness their cruelty to the citizens or going against them you are in the black market. Zombies are kept for night i guess with more faster & harder to kill zombies . Being a dying light fan cant wait to see the game in action .

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Battlefield 5 All you Need to Know

So battlefield 5 finaly been revealed , No actually trailer has been revealed and so far if you check official trailer`s comments , no one is happy with World war background. Looks like fans are not happy with Battlefield 5.
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Fans are bombarding with comments and requesting EA that they do not want another world war background video game. Being a die hard fan of BATTLEFIELD i also took my anger in comment section. However looks like a dicision is already been made and there is no choice but to go with it . I should say again BAD move EA. I never played BATTLEFIELD 1 and i have no intrest playing this one, Atleast for now, unless somthing new EA introduceses in their upcoming game. i have more interest playing CALL OF DUTY .

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Fortnite Battle Royale

Its unbelievable that one of the most played game turned out to be a cartoonist graphic video game. Free to download fortnite battle royale that can give you startup packaging on a small payment of 3 Pounds. However there are un locks which you can unlock after playing it alot . So server online there are 100 players and at the end only one winner in solo or due or a team set of 4 can play together.  Video game fortnite battle royale uses FREE Video gaming engine Unreal Engine , Games are Free to build on this gaming platform but if you game is a making more then a certain amount then you will be paying a percentage to the owener and creator of this FREE gaming engine EPIC GAMES. IN fortnite battle royale`s case EPIC games own the video game aswell.

Enough with long paragraph where non stop about the video game now lets explore a bit more . Game is more like to its realistic version of game Battleground player unknown and at one time after ARMA etc it was one of the most played video game . Where any one time 100 players are on server going after each other to finish at the top one .

Now Fortnite is exactly the same but cartonish looking graphics where you can build with three materials and you can destroy anything and everything in order to get materials. You can build walls floor or roof with wood , bricks and matel. However they can be destroyed with different type of power full guns. Enough for the game its FREE to download and play.

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Call of Duty ww2 Multiplayer Review

So i have been given an online code to download and play for FREE call of duty multiplayer . I had no attentions of buying call of duty ww2 as to me it looked sheep walking . Like in battlefield one they have gone in to back in days so does call of duty decided to go in to reverse gear.
Gun Sounds along with layout of multiplayer is completely changed and it reminded me of battlegrounds where before going to open field battle all of you gather in a start up point. Slightly different here is that you are using your coins to get boxes and the opening in . Other players in same lobby can see what you are getting . Gun improvements and extras are same ways as they were in previous call of duty game versions. Keep playing with a gun to get its extras unlocked.
Over all i can give 3 out 5 as is didnt had a bad experience and i did enjoyed call of duty ww2 multiplayer. YOu have Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies aswell to enjoy killing zombies with old age guns.