WS-37368-7 PlayStation Network Account Banned

WS-37368-7 IF this is the Error Code you are seeing while logging to your PlayStation and your account is banned due to PlayStation policy violation . It can be several reasons in my case it was Fortnite Video game.

My PlayStation Network was setup with paypal for automated payments, Which i mainly use to pay my yearly subscription and without getting offline it was getting renewed on its own . But It was also allowing me to purchase within PlayStation store with just one click confirmation.

My 6 year old autistic Son goes to Fortnite and purchases in game credit, which he doesn’t have any clue to what to use it for. PlayStation takes the payment from our paypal and upon requesting PlayStation Network for a refund as this purchase was a mistake and we never had any attention of using it, They simply refuse over the phone due to it was a in game purchase never been on PlayStation store.

Upon description entire situation and getting no positive outcome from PlayStation i have decided to open a dispute with PayPal with the reason that covers Product is no usable .

PlayStation Never responded to this dispute and at the end decides to send a refund . BUT this is where actual problem starts . They have given us a Full Refund but suspend our main PlayStation network account.

Now This account being primary account on PlayStation , This PlayStation Console is useless. You are unable to sell, Unable to Change to a New account if some how you manage to change your account you have to purchase your yearly subscription again.

In all cases its a win win situation for PlayStation . There are no regulated authorities to ask for help , Even you being located in countries where consumer rights are highly protected.

WS-37368-7 Resolution

So how to proceed to get your PlayStation Network Account Back?  You have to ring PlayStation network Support, Describe your situation.

Like i have mentions these policy violation can be different in your case.

It can be using bad language or words online, Other Hacking and cheating on content or like our case simply asking your money back. Describe them the situation with apologetic way because you have to keep in mind. If this account is a Primary account that means your PlayStation Gaming Console is useless.

They will give you a solution and in our case to pay the debt . Which we did with PlayStation Gift Cards and till today 13-01-2019 waiting for their answer and to be honest it seems like they are punishing to get our money back with another way . You can also try Kid Cry Technique .

Good Luck

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Battlefield 5 Released Date UK

Battlefield 5 official release date was October 19 but EA has announced a months delay and new date is to be 20 November . It must have been due to Treyarch decided to release Call Of duty black ops 4 along with zombies and battle royale.

Official trailer release does had some bad comments to read. Some were complaining having a girl in lead or guns or SAY not to old war etc.However EA decided to go ahead as several trailers were released. We are also sharing some screen shot released by offical press released service of EA games.

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Battlefield 5 All you Need to Know

So battlefield 5 finaly been revealed , No actually trailer has been revealed and so far if you check official trailer`s comments , no one is happy with World war background. Looks like fans are not happy with Battlefield 5.
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Fans are bombarding with comments and requesting EA that they do not want another world war background video game. Being a die hard fan of BATTLEFIELD i also took my anger in comment section. However looks like a dicision is already been made and there is no choice but to go with it . I should say again BAD move EA. I never played BATTLEFIELD 1 and i have no intrest playing this one, Atleast for now, unless somthing new EA introduceses in their upcoming game. i have more interest playing CALL OF DUTY .

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Call of duty Black Ops 4 All You need to know

Call of duty black ops 4 trailer has been released and tryarch and activision also release community reveal on youtube. Viewers has been taken to full call of duty ride . The most important thing is the Battleroyal mode , After getting inspired from, Battleground & Forthnite battle royale.Call of duty black ops 4 will be released for October 12 this year .

jason Blundel came with new Black ops 4 zombies story line, New Zombie mod with 4 new Chractors to play with, A bit of old chractors coming back aswell.

You now have grapling gun, By the first look of trailer it looks like in black ops 4 they are trying to bring all the famous mods from other games to black ops 4 , Such as grapling hook or gun is from another open world game.

we will be update time to time with latest call of duty black ops 4 information videos etc. Follow us on twitter @gamezblog to know more .

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Fortnite Battle Royale

Its unbelievable that one of the most played game turned out to be a cartoonist graphic video game. Free to download fortnite battle royale that can give you startup packaging on a small payment of 3 Pounds. However there are un locks which you can unlock after playing it alot . So server online there are 100 players and at the end only one winner in solo or due or a team set of 4 can play together.  Video game fortnite battle royale uses FREE Video gaming engine Unreal Engine , Games are Free to build on this gaming platform but if you game is a making more then a certain amount then you will be paying a percentage to the owener and creator of this FREE gaming engine EPIC GAMES. IN fortnite battle royale`s case EPIC games own the video game aswell.

Enough with long paragraph where non stop about the video game now lets explore a bit more . Game is more like to its realistic version of game Battleground player unknown and at one time after ARMA etc it was one of the most played video game . Where any one time 100 players are on server going after each other to finish at the top one .

Now Fortnite is exactly the same but cartonish looking graphics where you can build with three materials and you can destroy anything and everything in order to get materials. You can build walls floor or roof with wood , bricks and matel. However they can be destroyed with different type of power full guns. Enough for the game its FREE to download and play.

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How to get Double Action Gold Revolver fast in GTA 5 Online

So every player of gta 5 online is going to get a text messages in their ifruit with an image of their clue location . It will be different for every user reason i know this i have seen few videos on YouTube regarding following the clues but mine was totally different . I have been sent an image to start my clue near old boat yard near GODs thumb . upon reaching their it was hard for me to locate the first clue. So just to let you know clue is always going to be on land. So again first clue will be hard or easy but it was hard in my case and rest followed in line.
You can have Video help to follow the rest clue locations . You are going to get the revolver straightaway and now comes the task that on completion you are going to get $250,000 gta 5 cash along this double barrel gun will be available in RedDeadRedemption.
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50 Head shots can be on residents or online players but upon pulling out your gun you are going to get resistance from online players and residents of gta 5 online will run away . So follow what i did . GO all the gang locations and first shot will start the gang members to attack you . Now hide behind a wall are start taking your head shots. You will get a count message in left of your GTA 5 ONLINE screen for how many head shots left.