Web Base Business banks vs High Street Banks

If i start by saying Avoid these web base banks then i will be saving your time reading entire article . However am not 100% against these web base or should i say app base Online Banks.

Here are some points you have to consider before joining or applying for an account with these web base banks.

  • First of all they are new in market and they have lacking in so many features compare to high street banks.
  • Charges are very high when it comes to international payment.
  • Forcing you to go by their rules when making some payments specially international payments.
  • VERY few flexibility option when it comes to financing options such as credit card or over draft.

RockStar Games Vice President, Creative Director and co founder dan houser is leaving .

Gta 6 Chances now seems slim after Take Two made an announcement that co founder dan houser will be leaving the company in march. Dan Houser is thought to be the main mind behind the highest and fastest selling Grand Theft Auto series.

Take two intractive showed some hints of releasing a big news and it seems like the big news was dan houser leaving.
Dan houser founded Rockstar games along side his brother. His brother will now be taking charge of company.

Online sources tells that dan houser left the company due to long due holidays.
This news will be a big setback for gta fans and its thought to be that GTA6 is now either not coming or there will be delays.

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GTA 6 – Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date & Updates

There is a huge media debate on major media online protal about GRAND THEFT AUTO 6 Relase date and updates .
All major news Portals covering this news within their online news plat forms, What is reality and what is confirmed lets look in to this.

First of being a die hard fan of Grand Theft Auto i personally keep an eye on every news and update but so far their is nothing officialy confirmed by RockStar Games about GTA 6 Release.

Some media portals are claiming about games upcoming dates through verious assumptions, and famous once are Rockstar tax file confirms they are planning or working on new project, Some coming up hints and other ex emplyee leaks etc.

In my personal opinion there is no such thing of GTA6 100% on the day of writing this piece of information Jan 28,2020. Rockstar games clearly making enough from their 2013 project, Why would they ruin their years of work and make a new game. They have recenlty release Casion Heist update just before newyear and xmass.

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GTA 5 Online Money – How you can Earn up to One Million in one Online Game $1,000,000 ?

GTA 5 online Money Is the Number one thing being searched in google. As soon as you type GTA 5 online the top five keywords come up are regarding in game Cash. Rock Star games is offering Double RRP for up to 6 February and In game cash earnings up to One million.

Well this is a no Hack to get FREE Gta 5 online cash. You can earn this online Cash while playing gta online .All you need to do is jump in to GTA 5 online Each Weekend in february and you will be awarded a GTA $250,000 Cash as a gift . This Cash will be transfered to your Maze Bank, This is just Going GTA 5 Online.

UP to 1 Million cash you will be getting after playing all latest GTA 5 Online Mods. TO know about Complete GTA 5 Online Cash Offer Simply head on to RockStar Games page.

Rock Star games also offering Discount on all latest Cars and Vehicles within GTA 5 Online. You can This Earned CASH to purchase all the latest In Car add ons .

This RRP and Double Cash Rewards are available Through out February. Start Playing GTA 5 Online TODAY .

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EA Games Official Press Release for new video games and video game updates.
Electronic Arts Inc.and Maxis today announced The Sims 4 Get Famous* Expansion Pack is coming to PC and Mac on 16th November. With the brand-new expansion players will have the chance to live out their wildest dreams of lavish fame and rags-to-riches fortune as their Sims become A-list celebrities, experiencing all of the luxurious thrills along the rise to superstardom.

In The Sims 4 Get Famous, Sims can launch into celebrity status with an all-new acting career. They can catch their big break through a standout audition, landing a role in a television series or commercial gig. Aspiring Sims who go the extra mile by both looking the part and studying lines can take their career to the next level with a starring role in the next big blockbuster. Sims can also bask in the limelight as an inspiring influencer, livestreaming every lavish moment and giving other Sims maximum #FOMO, or even by gaining worldwide acclaim in their current career. No matter a Sim’s claim to fame, they’ll be able to attend exclusive parties with the stars, outrun starstruck fans, truly experience the VIP lifestyle of their dreams, and more.

“With The Sims 4 Get Famous, players can achieve their wildest dreams of becoming a celebrity and all of the perks that come with fame in The Sims 4. From rubbing elbows with A-list celebrities at the studio, to star-studded VIP parties in the hills, Sims can now have it all,” said Grant Rodiek, Senior Producer. “The development team has added a slew of fun, humorous, and lavish new gameplay content to ensure that fans, and their Sims, can experience the luxury lifestyle as they play with life, this time in the spotlight.”

Fans in The Sims 4 Get Famous should be on the lookout for a Simmified version of real-life musician and social media star Baby Ariel, whose rise to fame with popular vocal performances on social media can now be emulated by players worldwide. Catch the singer of hit song “Aww” performing a song in Simlish in public spaces or strutting down Starlight Boulevard in the glitzy new world of Del Sol Valley. Want a sneak peek at Baby Ariel in The Sims 4 Get Famous? Tune-in to TODAY on NBC on 11th October at 3 PM BST to hear the latest.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with The Sims 4 Get Famous, where players can follow their dreams of making it big as their Sims skyrocket to fame,” said Baby Ariel. “Over the past few months I’ve worked closely with the development team as we crafted my Sim, and I can’t wait for my fans to meet me in-game along their ride to stardom!”

The Sims 4 Get Famous also introduces the dazzling world of Del Sol Valley, a city where fame is the name of the game. Sims can move into a starter home in Mirage Park or hustle and work their way up to a glamorous mansion in the hills of The Pinnacles. While exploring all Del Sol Valley has to offer, Sims can show off their chic style and don trendy streetwear in the city or designer threads on set. At home, Sims can decorate their expansive dwelling with glittering, over-the-top accessories like gold-plated furniture. Sims can even take home a unique set piece to put on display, immortalizing their fame forever. In The Sims 4 Get Famous, only the most prestigious Sims will be able to turn their 15 minutes of fame into a lifetime legacy with a spot on the legendary Starlight Boulevard.

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Champions Rise in Fifa 19

Play the Pinnacle of Club Football in FIFA 19 with the UEFA Champions League Across a Variety of Modes Including the Dramatic Finale of The Journey: Champions on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Get Immersed in the Most Authentic Football Experience Available on Nintendo Switch
28th September 2018 – Today, Electronic Arts launched EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 across PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC. Fans can achieve glory with the UEFA Champions League across a variety of modes including the new Kick Off, which also features ‘House Rules’ and deeper stat tracking to heighten the competition among friends. In FIFA Ultimate Team™, brand new ICONS join the roster, and an all new mode, Division Rivals, offers a new way to compete online. Additionally, the final chapter of the critically acclaimed story mode, The Journey: Champions, culminates with three playable storylines, each with their own distinct journey through an interconnected football story. Bleacher Report highlights that “this is definitely a FIFA to get excited about” and Four Four Two says “FIFA 19 is a must-own”. Learn more about the available features and modes in FIFA 19 here.

“This year the game has been elevated to a new level of authenticity with the deep integration of the UEFA Champions League,” said Aaron McHardy, Executive Producer for EA SPORTS FIFA. “We’ve also received really positive feedback on the new gameplay mechanics and addition of new modes in Kick Off from players who’ve experienced the game through hands on with the demo, EA Access, and Origin Access. We’re very excited for even more players from across the globe to jump into the world’s game.”
In The Journey: Champions, Alex Hunter returns to pursue UEFA Champions League glory with Real Madrid FC on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Players can choose between three distinct storylines from Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter. After signing with Real Madrid FC, Alex is thrust into the spotlight to come to terms with balancing stardom and family. Danny continues his career in the Premier League, challenged with taking on a new role for his club. Meanwhile, Kim finishes her last year of high school and faces big decisions about her future and the pressure that comes with playing football at the highest level in the Women’s World Cup. The Journey: Champions original soundtrack, featuring Oscar®-winning composer Hans Zimmer and composer Lorne Balfe, is also available now.